ISUZU Trucks

ISUZU Truck UK (ITUK) offers you a wide range of modern, efficient, stylish and payload-efficient vehicles capable of transporting gross vehicle weights (GVW) between 3,500kgs and 12,000kgs. Whether you’re after a smaller run-around – such as the ever-popular 3.5-tonne Grafter range – or you want to dial it all the way up to 5.5, 7.5 or even the full 12 tonnes, ITUK has the truck for you.


3.5t Grafter

Compact, versatile and built to last, ISUZU’s Grafter range is exactly what its name suggests. Usually used as tippers or dropsides, these are popular with builders, councils and landscapers alike – and if the nature of its requirements changes, the chassis’ versatile design means it can convert to a box, curtain-sider, refrigerated lorry and much, much more. And with a choice of two cabs and transmissions, you can make sure you get the right model just for you.

For more information on the 3.5t Grafter, please click here.

5.5t + 6.5t Forward

The ISUZU Forward range is the perfect middle ground between the Grafter and heavier 7.5-tonne models available – and as such, it reflects them both through its options! It comes with either the three-man compact narrow cab from the 3.5-tonne range, or you can opt for the much more spacious three-man wide cab on its 6.5 and 7.5-tonne trucks. However, its flexibility literally extends to its pulling power; all of ITUK’s 5.5-tonne trucks have a designed gross train weight of 9,000kgs, meaning you can hitch up a trailer up to 3,500kgs and keep on trucking.

For more information on the 5.5t +6.5t Forward, please click here.

7.5t Urban and Forward

Renowned for their amazing balance of performance and payload, the 7.5-tonne range from ITUK is comfortable in all environments. Its defining feature is its car-like controls, which it combines with market-leading payload carrying capacity, great fuel efficiency, high reliability and durability, and excellent visibility. You can take more people along with you, too, thanks to its seven-man crew cab option on its 5.2-litre model.

For more information on the 7.5t Urban and Forward, please click here.

11.00 + 12.00t Forward

Don’t be fooled by ITUK’s 11-tonne Forward; it may be a lot more compact than you would assume, and offer a lower chassis than its competitors, but this model gives you the perfect heavy-duty distribution vehicle. What’s more, it can be converted to a huge number of styles and applications, from tipper or flatbed and refrigerated to livestock, tanker and recycling.

For more information on the 11.00 + 12.00t Forward, please click here.


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