The New DAF CF and XF - Pure Excellence

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DAF is introducing the new generation CF and XF trucks, which set a new standard in transport efficiency and driver comfort. Engine innovations, new drivelines and aerodynamic optimizations result in an up to 7% lower fuel consumption. The new DAF Connect fleet management system will drive even larger efficiency gains.

The new generation CF and XF also feature lower weight for increased payload and an updated interior and exterior design for the highest driver comfort and greatest appeal. These excellent new trucks provide our customers with the lowest operating cost and the highest uptime. More information can be found on:



A refreshed exterior

The newest DAF CF and XF models boast a new premium exterior that make them some of the most attractive trucks on the road today. A new sun visor and grille mesh have been optimised to give better aerodynamics, while the aluminium finish is more modern than ever.

What’s new with the interior

The CF and XF now benefit from a brand-new climate control system with park ventilation, one-touch defrosting, park heating with timer, and automatic air recirculation. On top of this, switches can be configured to driver needs, while the in-cabin beds are bigger and better than ever.

Latest improvements to the driveline

The latest changes to the PACCAR MX-11 and MX-13 engines mean you can expect incredible fuel economy with the all-new CF and XF. On top of this, there’s a new turbo charger and combustion system for maximum efficiency which, when combined with an extended set of Eco Mode options, gives you better return on investment than ever.

DAF’s new chassis

Especially for the new CF and XF, DAF created a fresh, ultra-compact Emissions After-treatment System, giving more free space at the chassis. Its electronically controlled air suspension (ECAS) has also been completely renewed for the latest models.


The New CF and XF: An Owner’s Delight

  • 7% lower fuel consumption
    • PACCAR MX-11 and MX-13 engine innovations
    • New efficient TraXon automated gearbox
    • New high efficiency rear axles with new faster ratios
    • Advanced powertrain software features
    • Aerodynamic optimizations
  • New PACCAR Engine Brake
  • Up to 100 kilogram higher payload
    • New compact Exhaust After-treatment System
  • Maximum uptime
    • Service-intervals up to 200,000 km
    • First class body builder-friendliness
  • DAF Connect fleet management system for the highest transport efficiency

Aerodynamic Optimisations

In order to achieve lowest possible fuel consumption, vehicle aerodynamics have been improved thanks to a new sun visor design for the CF and XF. In addition, the new XF features wheel bay extensions and flow guides behind the grille for optimal aerodynamics around the truck and through to the engine bay. New grille closures reduce drag, and new gap closures between the headlight and corner deflector realize the best possible aerodynamics.

Outstanding Driver Comfort

New levels of driver comfort are another big part of the New CF and XF. We’ve added features that make the cab an even more attractive and comfortable place to work, live and sleep. There are many new options that allow to personalise the interior for unmatched comfort and luxury. And we’ve introduced numerous innovations that make driving easier, safer and more enjoyable than ever.

A Driver's Dream

The New CF and XF build on the excellent standards of driver comfort for which DAF trucks are renowned world-wide. They offers the biggest interior space available on the market, the best and largest bunks and a completely new, attractive look and feel. The New CF and XF: the best a driver can get!

High-Comfort Climate Control

The completely new climate control unit stands out in comfort and user-friendliness. It features one-touch defrosting, park ventilation, park heating with timer, rest heat and automatic air recirculation and can also be operated through the rear wall control unit. That means maximum comfort for the driver. In addition, the new temperature and climate control system is extremely efficient, supporting lowest total cost of ownership.

Even Better Driver Information

We’ve further expanded driver information, making it easier to take effective action. The beautiful and clear instrument panel has new fonts and a new styling for even better readability. The Driver Information Panel also provides more information to increase driver comfort and efficiency. To enhance driver performance even further, settings are grouped on the instrument panel more logically and the Driver Performance Assistant (DPA) includes even more tips for economical driving.

Driver Configurable Switches

Thanks to smart vehicle electronics position of the individual switches can be adapted to personal preference of the driver. This adds to great driver comfort as well as maximum vehicle efficiency. These switches also make it easy for dealers and bodybuilders to add new functions without the need to install extra control panels.

Class-Leading Interior

New warm and tasteful sand colors of dashboard, seats, curtains, mattresses and side and back walls give the interior a great appearance in which every driver feels comfortable and at home. Summit of luxury and comfort is the new Exclusive Line. It is distinguished by the cognac colored dashboard and door panels, as well as the stylish vents in alu. A 5-star working and living environment.

Driveline Excellence

The New CF and XF are powered by multi-torque PACCAR MX-11 and MX-13 engines with new power ratings. Many innovations result in even more torque at lower rpm for highest fuel efficiency.

Engine innovations

For industry-leading fuel economy, fully variable oil, steering and coolant pumps, a new piston ring package, and a new piston skirt profile all contribute to additional friction reduction. What’s more, we’ve added a new turbo charger and a new combustion system for maximum efficiency.

Extended Eco Mode

The new CF & XF include an extended set of Eco Mode options. The Eco Performance Mode ensures the balance between high drive-ability and best fuel efficiency. When fuel efficiency is leading, the Eco Fuel Mode is the best option, with gear shifting at lower revs for instance.

Lower repair costs

Repair and maintenance costs can be a huge drain on your bottom line. So we’ve introduced innovations to keep wear and tear to a minimum. For example, the clutch control is now situated in the clutch housing itself, protecting against damage from water and dirt. And the alternator is electronically controlled to improve battery charging. Together, these enhancements improve durability, reliability and ultimately your profitability.

High-Performance Gearboxes

The New CF and XF come with the latest generation of TraXon automated gearboxes (12 and 16 speed). Less friction losses, even faster upshifts and the extended use of EcoRoll contribute to lowest fuel consumption, whereas driver comfort is enhanced thanks to its quiet and smooth operation and precise clutch actuation. The TraXon automated transmission also allows higher reductions in lowest gears through which even faster drive lines could be realized.

High-Efficiency Rear Axles

In addition these new engines and gearboxes, we’ve introduced high-efficiency rear axles with low-friction wheel ends. What’s more, a range of faster ratios starting from 2.05 enable lower engine rpm’s for highest fuel efficiency. To reduce friction losses, we’ve introduced grinded differential gear sets and added new bearings and seals in the rear axle along with low-level, low-friction rear axle oil.

New Chassis: The Ideal Base For Any Superstructure

Pure excellence is carried through in the new well thought out chassis. Manufactured from high-quality steel, it’s strong, stable and light. What’s more, it has space-saving features that will delight body builders.

New CF and XF Power Ratings


Excellent Driver Care and Efficiency

The New CF and XF are the safest trucks on the road. They come with enhanced features as standard that not only ensure the highest possible safety of drivers and other road users, they also contribute to fuel efficiency and comfort.

1. Predictive Cruise Control
PCC uses GPS technology to determine the exact location of the truck and the expected driving conditions for the next 1 to 2 kilometres. It uses this information to determine the ideal speed within a specified range. 

2. Adaptive Cruise Control
Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) automatically adjusts the truck’s speed to maintain a safe distance from vehicles ahead.

3. Forward Collision Warning
Forward Collision Warning (FCW) generates a warning sound and a visual alert on the instrument panel, urging the driver to take action in order to prevent a collision.

4. Advanced Emergency Braking System
The Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS) slows the truck down independently in an emergency.

5. Lane Departure Warning System
The Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) warns the driver when the vehicle begins to move out of the lane owing to driver error, drowsiness or distraction.

6. Vehicle Stability Control
The electronic braking system features improved Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) to prevent jack-knifing and overturning.




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