Renault Trucks


Imperial Commercials is proud to serve as part of the Renault Trucks Network, which is committed to keeping you and your business running in the unfortunate event of a breakdown. The full European network comprises 1,150 service points, and every single one has the experts you need to meet your needs as quickly as possible.

Each one uses the latest technology that’s adapted to Renault trucks, so you know you’ll be in the very best hands. The team will attend all vehicle breakdowns within 60 minutes of the initial report coming into the Renault Trucks 24/24 roadside assistance call centre, and all repairs that can be completed in an hour or less will be done while you wait.

Servicing - what to expect


Roadside attendance within an hour

The Renault Trucks Network will reach all vehicle breakdowns within an hour minutes of the initial report to our call centre, and we will do our utmost to carry out all repairs, which take under two hours to complete, while you’re waiting.


All works under an hour will be done while you wait

If your Renault truck or van needs a diagnosis check – whether that’s on the road, or in our workshop – it will be done in under two hours. Any repairs that arise as a result, which take under an hour to sort out, will be done while you wait.


No appointment? No problem

If you pull your Renault truck or van into one of the network’s workshops with or without an appointment, and your repair job takes less than two hours, don’t fret – we’ll have it sorted out for you within four hours, so you can get back on the road again in no time.


Our On-Road Commitment for vehicles under warranty of repair and maintenance contract*

Any Renault truck or van under warranty, or operating under a Renault Trucks or Renault Trucks Network R&M contract, which suffers an unexpected failure (which can normally be repaired within 24 hours), will be covered by Renault Trucks’ On-Road Commitment. Operators will receive either a replacement vehicle, or monies equivalent to the hire value of a comparable vehicle for each day the vehicle remains off the road, up to three days.


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