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Welcome to Imperial Commercials

The Largest Independent Commercial Vehicle Dealer Group in the UK.

Imperial Commercials has 29 dealer locations across the United Kingdom we are also the largest DAF Trucks Dealer Group in Europe with 25 DAF Sites. 

We are committed to supporting HGV and LCV operators to the highest standards, maximising vehicle uptime. Our intention is to provide vehicle and aftersales packages on an efficient, value for money basis.

Imperial Commercials Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of IH Mobility Holdings (UK) Ltd, which, in turn, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Imperial Holdings Ltd, a company Listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, employing 49 000 people in its operations in 33 different countries and with annual revenues in excess of £7 billion. IH Mobility Holdings (UK) Ltd is the holding company for Imperial Holdings Ltd.’s motor related interests in the United Kingdom with 105 franchise outlets represented at 65 sites. With a combined 83 commercial vehicle franchise outlets plus 4 service only sites and 2 specialist commercial vehicle body shops, IH Mobility Holdings (UK) Ltd is the largest independent commercial vehicle dealer group in the United Kingdom, with combined annual revenues in excess of £1 billion and employing 3000 people  in its passenger and commercial vehicle operations.


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